Let me tell you about Jangle BENDIGO.

Jangle BENDIGO is about understanding and satisfying a need.

Jangle BENDIGO is about simply beautiful, Australian made garments in premium quality fabrics.

It’s about these garments being so difficult to source, are not mass produced and seen in every major shopping centre, that we decided we needed to do this ourselves.

We have successfully been in the retail clothing industry for over 20 years and have a valuable insight to what it is our customer seeks and in doing that, understand what she can’t get.

Our range is small, it’s personal and it’s absolutely unique and born in Bendigo.

We hope you enjoy Jangle BENDIGO because it really is “born of a need”.

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JA003 Best Dress Black
JA003 Best Dress Black
Material: Cotton/Silk Blend with 100% Cotton Voile Lining
not rated $159.95RRP | $135.96GOLD CARD Select options
JA002 Shift Dress White
JA002 Shift Dress White
Materials: 97% cotton, 3% spandex
not rated $149.95RRP | $127.46GOLD CARD Select options
JA002 Shift Dress Annie
JA002 Shift Dress Annie
Material: Linen
not rated $139.95RRP | $118.96GOLD CARD Select options